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Where do I access DataLiNC on this website?

Users can find DataLiNC in Resources & Information, under Professional Resources - Online Services - Institutional Services or by clicking here.

How does DataLiNC work?

Users log into DataLiNC from the NCMB website. Users create a list of “favorites” (licensees you want to track) and then when the status changes for any one of them, NCMB generates an automatic email letting you know. The Board will also send an automatic email if one of your “favorites” receives a public file (most often, this occurs when the NCMB takes public disciplinary action, although a small number of public actions include nondisciplinary matters such as re-entry agreements).

What is DataLiNC?

DataLiNC is a paid service offered by the NC Medical Board. DataLiNC allows users to track the status of multiple NCMB licensees. It eliminates the need to look up each licensee individually to make sure that licensee is still active.