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Why does the licensing process take so long?

Sometimes we receive information from the SBI background check that wasn’t indicated on the application. When this occurs, the applicant is required to send in additional information/materials.  There are also documents (such as reference forms & education certification forms) that must be submitted by other individuals and agencies. The licensure process for perfusionists is:

1. Application is submitted.
2. Application is processed (biographical data is entered into our system & fingerprint cards are submitted to the SBI).
3. Once the application is complete (license verifications, databank queries, SBI report and all other requested information has been received) the application is sent to Perfusionist Advisory   Committee (PAC) member for review.
4. If the application or SBI report reveals negative information, the applicant may be asked to come for an interview with the PAC.
5. The applicant is then placed on the vote list for the next meeting of the PAC.
6. If approved by the PAC, the applicant’s name will then be placed on the vote list for the next meeting of the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB) - extracted

Do I need a supervising perfusionist?

If you have applied for a provisional perfusionist license you will need a supervising perfusionist. You will be required to complete and submit a Designation of Supervising Perfusionist form.

I have a provisional perfusionist license. How do I get a full unrestricted license?

Once you have passed the exams for certification, have the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP) send us verification. They may require a fee for this. You will also need to submit a written request and the required NCMB fee to have your provisional license converted to a full license.

How do I get my Education Certification form completed if my school/program has closed?

Those schools and programs that closed probably have an agency or person that still possesses transcripts of the student who attended the program. If a school or program has closed and there is no way to obtain transcripts from some other source, then the applicant should contact the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP), since the perfusionists have to provide transcripts to that certification agency.  If all of that fails, then you will need to submit a statement to the PAC stating that you are not able to obtain transcripts.