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May 10 2009

Stay informed about H1N1 influenza

 Categories:  Clinical Update, Featured on the Home Page The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established an extensive collection of resources and information on novel H1N1 influenza - formerly referred to… Read More…
Dec 31 2008

State rule changes encourage routine HIV testing

 Categories:  Clinical Update HIV/AIDS specialists and public health leaders fear that clinicians are overlooking a powerful tool in the fight against the disease: routine HIV testing.
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Dec 31 2008

Unbiased info on drug marketing practices: FSMB Web portal gives prescribers easy access to new CME

 Categories:  Clinical Update A new Web-based tool provides U.S. physicians with access to free, accredited CME courses about pharmaceutical industry marketing techniques and their effect on prescribing practices.… Read More…