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Physician Wellness - Resources and Links

Physician wellness is a lively topic in medicine, driven in part by the sobering trend towards increased burnout among practicing physicians. Burnout contributes to clinical errors, loss of physician compassion, work and personal stress, depression and, in extreme cases, physician suicide.

NCMB hosted a roundtable discussion in June 2015 to discuss ways the Board can support licensees. One recommendation was for the Board to provide wellness resources on its website. The collection of links below is a beginning. NCMB will add to this page as it becomes aware of resources. If you would like to suggest a link for this page, please email

PHYSICIAN WELLBEING (treatment and coaching)

NC Physicians Health Program

Center for Personal and Professional Renewal

Duke Patient Safety Center


Work Addiction Inventory (developed by addiction specialist Dr. Darvin Smith)

Are you a workaholic? (Quiz from psychotherapist Bryan Robinson, Ph.D)


Burnout Self-test ( - many other burnout, stress management and wellness resources here)

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

Professional Quality of Life

Life Stress Inventory

Zung Depression Scale

Exercise is Medicine

Three Good Things exercise (developed by Martin Seligman, Ph.D)


American Medical Association “STEPSForward” online curriculum